Concentrated Bubble Fluid to Dilute

Liquide à bulles - Bubble fluid CC famille

Suitable for large tanks


Optimize storage and transportation costs with this concentrated bubble liquid. Mix this product with 60% water to make beautiful iridescent bubbles. Ideal for large events requiring high capacity tanks.

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This bubble liquid has been developed so that every drop counts. That’s why he’s so effective. Its chemical composition makes it possible to produce more bubbles than a conventional liquid and to make the most of the performance of your bubble machine. Many professionals looking for performance and profitability have adopted it.


We know that your material is valuable. We guarantee that our bubble liquid is safe for your devices. Superior quality that results in iridescent and long-lasting bubbles. The beauty of the bubbles produced gives you a magical effect.

2,5L – 5L – 10L – 20L – 200L – 1000L

Whether you are a regular consumer or an occasional liquid user, we have the size of can adapted to your needs.

User manual

Mix the fluid well

Pour 60% of water

Complete and mix with 40%
Bubble Fluid CC

Pour the mixture into your machine

Example: 10L of Ready to use = 6 Liters of water + 4 Liters of Bubble Fluid CC


Precaution of use

  • Do not ingest
  • Do not allow contact with eyes
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid leaving fluids into the machine after use
  • Do not mix with other fluids